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Affordable Headshots

Before every quarter I pre-set the dates for my most affordable headshot session. The headshot mini session is a quick 10-15min session that is perfect for small business owners and business professionals. This session is designed to get you a great headshot in the studio to use for profile pictures, your website, and even for promotional materials.

The studio is the location so no matter the weather, we’ve got a great space. Located in NW Portland, it’s centrally located with free parking. I live in Beaverton and it takes me about 20mins, maybe more if I stop off for coffee on my way. What I love most about the studio is the light! With a whole wall of windows, even the most overcast and rainy days have flattering natural light. We have a variety of backdrops available, from a plain white wall, various colors of paper backdrops, and a textured wall that gets a new color every season. And the furniture can give your headshot a more relaxed look to a fully polished professional look.

The headshot mini session is quick so only one outfit and one set per person. You’ll get a copy of my What to Wear Guide to help you pick the perfect outfit for your session. I like to produce 10-15 images for you to choose from. One digital download is included in your session fee and most purchase additional images to have a variety of images for their needs. The headshot mini session has a quick turnaround as well. Most that book this session don’t want to wait more than a week to see images, pick their favs and get them back fully edited.

The dates for the rest of 2023 are set, one weekday per month and just 4 spots per month. So if you want to grab the best deal on a headshot, let me know! There are currently just a few spots left for September!

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