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Favorite Images from 2023

It feels cliche to say I can’t believe it’s 2024, but ya, I literally can’t believe it! 2023 felt like the slowest year to start and when it hit fall, it went zooming through the finish line! In 2023, I had 10 senior picture sessions, 20 headshots, 10 family sessions, and 6 schools in the fall. I filled two external hard drives and put well over 50k shots on my camera. This blog post has some of my favorite images from the year!

Senior Pictures in 2023

The Class of 2024 Senior sessions were mostly teens from Beaverton High Schools… Westview High School, Mountainside High School, Beaverton High, Sunset High School and even Beaverton Academy of Science and Engineering. I had a few from other high schools as well.


The locations for senior pictures this year were something new I tried. I had options for seniors to pick from my favorite locations. It’s a variety of locations, from graffiti walls on the Eastside, the polished look of the Pearl District, to the rustic look of a park in Tualatin with a barn, and the most Oregon-looking of them all in Beaverton. Each location fit the seniors’ personality perfectly!

Sunset High School-Senior-Pictures-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023

One thing I did notice, several didn’t want their images shared on social media or my website. I’ve seen this with family pictures but not so much with seniors. Years past it was exciting to get all the tags on #seniorsunday posts but that seems to not be as big of a thing anymore. Kinda curious to see if that was just these teens or if this is a growing trend of not sharing their images online.

Westview High School-Senior-Pictures-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023

Family Portraits in 2023

Family sessions are always so fun for me! I just love getting to know your family and what is truly important for you to capture. As a mom I know how fast time goes so no matter the age, let’s stop time while we can!


This year I had a variety of families, from a family that was a married couple with their furry four-legged baby, families of two, three, and four and a generational shoot with a 96 year old, her daughter and granddaughter in her 20’s. I want to do more generational shoots in 2024!


Most of the family sessions happened in the fall at my favorite Beaverton location but a lot of them were in the studio as well! Be sure to go see my favorite images from the Holiday Sessions in the studio from November!

Headshot Sessions in 2023

Headshots were by far the busiest this year with several corporate groups and a handful of individual sessions. I’m happy to set up in your office to capture your entire staff or department. Or we can have an open house-style session at the studio in NW Portland where your people can pop in as they have time during the window.

Studio headshot session-Portland-Headshot-Photographer-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023
Company headshots-large team-office-headshot-Beaverton-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023

And of course individual small business owners, independent contractors and even a few who wanted images for dating profiles this year! The studio is the perfect place for your updated headshot with natural light, white walls and so many options.

School Portraits in 2023

Hopefully, you already read my school wrap-up post, but 2023 was another great year of school pictures for small private schools. I just love going back to the same schools year after year and seeing these kiddos grow up! And the schools I choose to work with are just the best!

School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-17

That’s a wrap

HUGE thank you to ALL my clients from 2023! I just loved working with you all and I’m excited for all the photoshoots to come in 2024!

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