What teens really want from their senior pictures-AnnaGrafPhotography

What teens really want from their senior pictures

Portland-Oregon-Senior Pictures-Class of 2020- What teens want- Anna Graf Photography

It’s that time of year again! The Spring of Junior year, high schoolers all over the Portland area are starting to think about senior pictures. For some, they’ve been looking forward to this for years. For others, they might be excited but nervous about making a poor choice in photographer and others might worry about all the details from location and what to wear. I would love to help the Class of 2020 to choose what is right for them. If you’ve found this blog post early in 2019 you probably have a great shot at getting the photographer you want. But the closer to the end of the school year, prime dates will be booked. So NOW is the time!

What do teens really want from senior pictures?

I’ve been doing senior pictures in Portland since 2011. The trends I’ve noticed are:

  • They want to look amazing
  • They want their friends to be involved
  • They want to show their pics on social media
  • They want to feel special
  • They want to have fun while capturing pics
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What are teens worried about senior pictures?

  • Choosing cute outfits
  • How to do their hair and makeup
  • The price of professional pictures
  • Knowing how to pose so they look good
  • And just looking good in the pictures

I think what seniors want is directly related to what they are worried about. And it all hinges around finding the right photographer for you. Will you base your decision on budget, on experience, on who their friends are using, or what products the photographer offers? There are so many factors to weigh and I understand how daunting it is! Every time I’m looking for a family photographer I get overwhelmed! I want someone that has experience with toddlers, someone that creates beautiful photography, and offers heriloom products. It’s important to me that a photographer have all of those factors because I know that my son is growing up so fast. And senior pictures are the same, they will only be a high school senior once.

Two Types of Shoots

For the Class of 2020, Anna Graf Photography is offering two types of shoots for seniors. If your teen is looking to have a photoshoot designed around them, to include hair and makeup and unique locations, they will want The Luxe Shoot. If they are looking for a photoshoot at locations that have been favorites over the years like the Pearl district, the Rose Garden and locations with tall wheat grass and a rustic barn, The Classic Shoot might be perfect for them.

Prep for Your Shoot

No matter which shoot you choose, when you book with AGP you’ll receive my shoot prep apps. You’ll get my What to Wear Guide, my Hair and Makeup tips, and a posing guide. I love that these are in app form so you can skim while shopping for outfits, makeup, or talking to your HMUA (that means hair and makeup artist). I want EVERY senior to feel excited and prepared for their shoot. I know you’ll be nervous on the big shoot day but we’ll shake out those nerves, play some music and I’ll pose you the entire time to ensure you look and feel amazing in your pictures.

When To Book

Senior pictures in the Portland area are booked June-October. The prime months are August and September because our warm weather and yearbook deadlines can be as early as September. My calendar for the Class of 2020 is open. Book early to ensure you get the date you want. Feel free to email me at hello@annagraf.com.

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