Class of 2023 Calendar Is Open!

It’s that time of year again! My calendar for summer and fall senior pictures is open! Woohoo! If you are a high school junior, now is the time to find your senior photographer and book your date. Summer will be here in a blink and it’s the best time of year for senior pictures!

Summer is the best season

You might be wondering why summer is the best season for senior pictures. We live in Oregon and as much as we like to forget in the summer, the rain does come back in the fall. And usually, summer is when you have the most free time. You aren’t in school, you might have a job or sports practices and probably wanna spend time with friends. So it’s best to plan your senior pictures now before you get super busy with the fall of your senior year.

Fall is the worst season

So why is fall the worst season? You’re busy. You’re in school 5 days a week. There might be extra activities, sports, homecoming, football games, homework, and even work to contend with your time. Trying to squeeze in senior pictures while you are busy with everything else is a lot. Plus if you pick a date and the weather turns on us, then we have to reschedule. You’ll only have 2 days a week available vs more time in the summer.

When to book

I suggest booking as soon as you find the photographer you want. Most of us are fully booked before the school year starts so don’t wait until September. Even if you know you wanna risk a fall date. Planning ahead is always best. The sooner you book, the sooner we can start planning your dream session.

The right photographer for you

Always check out the photographer’s portfolio, their website, their social media and if you know you need to meet someone to be sure, ask for a meet-up or zoom chat. I want my seniors to feel comfortable and confident on their big day and that can take some time. I’m an introvert myself so I know how awkward it can feel on the other side of the camera. I’ve been doing senior pictures for over a decade so I know great locations, poses, and will be a total goof to get you to laugh at me. But I’m not for everyone and that’s ok.

Your Investment

Hopefully you and your parents have talked about the budget for your senior pictures. Or maybe you have a vague idea of what to expect. There are thousands of photographers in Portland but not all of them specialize in senior pictures. You can find a range of pricing from $500 up to $5k. I’m priced comparably to the photographers with my experience. Most of my senior family clients invest several thousand dollars in their images and products. If you’d like to see the full price list and all that is included in your senior portrait session fill out the Get Info For Your Photoshoot form and you’ll get an email with a link to the Senior Portrait Magazine.

Get Info Senior Pictures with Anna Graf Photography

Have a question about senior pictures?

I’d love to answer it for you! Shoot me an email at or fill out the Get Info For Your Photoshoot form. I usually take about 20 seniors per summer, so please reach out sooner than later!

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