Types of Senior Pictures

Let’s talk about all the different types of senior pictures! In this blog we’ll go over different session types in the Portland area including the type that I offer for my senior clients. Every high school senior will have a different idea about what they want from their senior pictures. Some want their photoshoot to be quick and easy, others want all the bells and whistles. Which one are you?

Quick and Easy Senior Pictures

Quick and easy senior pictures are usually called a Mini Session. These are best for seniors that just want one great shot for their yearbook submission. Photographers that offer this pick the date and location and have back-to-back time slots. You’ll book the time that works for you, show up, do a quick 20-30min session in one outfit and you’re done! These can vary in price but are generally the most affordable option if you are working with a tight budget.

The Typical Senior Picture Photoshoot

The typical senior picture photoshoot is about an hour at a local park. The typical senior picture photoshoot is done by a lot of photographers. Photographers that don’t specialize in seniors will offer this because it’s an easy session to set up if they know a few good local parks. Photographers that offer this may or may not offer advice on what to wear, what to bring or even how to pose so you’ll want to do some research yourself to get the most out of your hour. These sessions also get booked at different times of day because the photographer probably has a few of these lined up.

Custom Senior Pictures

Senior pictures that include all the bells and whistles can be called custom photoshoots. This is the type of senior picture that I offer. Custom photoshoots for seniors are great because they come with a lot of coaching from your photographer. Most photographers that offer this type of senior picture session give a prep guide or a what to expect guide to their clients. This helps you figure out outfits, accessories, what to bring and even a timeline of your photoshoot day. Or the photographer might schedule a coffee meet-up or zoom with you a few weeks out from your shoot to connect on ideas, ask any questions and work out some of the nerves you might feel about being in front of the camera. I do that cause I’m an introvert and I know it can help so much! Typically professional hair and makeup are included at this type as well. This is great for seniors that want to make a day out of their photoshoot. It can be so fun to get coffee or smoothies on the way, show up with clean hair and a clean face and let someone else create the look you want for your images. Multiple locations and outfits are usually included with this type of session as well. Some photographers limit the outfits because it can take time away from creating images, others have unlimited. Some photographers have a distance range they work within for locations, others offer destination locations. All the bells and whistles type senior pictures are for the senior that wants the most out of this experience.

So What Type of Senior Session are You Most Interested In?

If you want more info about a custom senior portrait session with me click Get Info For Your Photoshoot and fill out the form. Be sure to click Class of 2023 to get an email with a link to my Senior Portrait Magazine. Insides you’ll get all the details about your photoshoot with me, see examples of my work, read testimonials from seniors and their parents and the full price list is in there too. I can’t wait to chat with you about what your custom senior portrait session can look like!

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