Senior Pictures For Guys

So you’ve had a glance at my website and you’re wondering, “where are the guys?” I love doing senior pictures for guys but often by the time they realize they need senior pictures, I’m usually fully booked for the season.

Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky to do shoots for several guys. Usually their moms find me and set up the shoot with little input. A few times I’ve gotten a guy that was into it and wanted to pose and change outfits and can I just tell you how much I love that? But I get it, it’s not what I normally see with guys. (But if you are a dude and you want to do all this please, please, please pick me to be your photographer!)

I think there is a big misconception that these modern senior pictures are just for girls. But these are pictures that are meant to be a keepsake from your teenage years. Senior pictures are a right of passage meant to capture who you are and what you’ve been involved in. And guys deserve this too!

One of the things that guys struggle with is what to wear for senior pictures. I got you! I have a whole guide on what to wear, how to accessories and even how to pose. Also included is a checklist for the day of your shoot so that you feel prepared!

For the Class of 2020 I have two options for senior pictures and to be honest, getting more guys was a big factor in setting them up. In the past, my shoots were fully custom and I was finding that guys didn’t want that type of shoot. The Classic Shoot is perfect for guys, just pick your backdrop, date and time and you’re all set! And it’s just 45mins-1 hour for your photoshoot.

My biggest tip for guys is to not procrastinate. Yearbook deadlines are different for every high school but some are as early as September! The first week school is back my inbox gets flooded with inquiries so get ahead of the rest by booking early!

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