Why Parents Need to Come to Senior Pictures

I’ve been doing senior pictures since 2011 and only a few of those did a parent not come to the photoshoot. I’ve been pulling moms and dads in for a few shots since the beginning but it was only in the past few years that I could explain why. I usually talk to my senior’s parents to let them know my why because most don’t want to get in the picture.

I pull moms and dads in for just a few shots for several reasons. The biggest reason is because I realized I had no pictures of me and my mom from my teen years until I got married at 34. Yup. That is a very long time to go without pictures.

I’m sure not everyone will be like me and get married later in life, and maybe your family will be good and do adult family pictures, but just in case I want you to have that picture.

The other reason I’ve heard from my seniors is that they have siblings and never have pictures of just them with their mom or dad. Seniors are about to go off to college, or the military, or trade school, or get an apartment and work. This is a big moment for not just the teen, but for the parent as well.

I hear this all the time, “oh let’s just make this about her” so we will, of course. But this picture is for her. This is often one of the seniors most favorite pictures because it is a beautiful portrait of the two or three of you. It will be one of those pictures she looks back on to remind her when she’s out in the world that you love and support her. Please do this for her. Plus I swear I’ll make you look gorgeous too!

So if you are thinking about not coming to your teen’s senior pictures, please do. We want you there! And we need your help carrying all the clothes, shoes and accessories too! hee hee

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